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Our well-trained opticians are very knowledgeable in both the latest styles of eyewear available as well as all types of lenses and coatings that are most suited to your needs. We show over eight hundred high quality frames-- everything from inexpensive glasses to top designer, exclusive and custom eyewear. We can provide all of the high-performance lenses (including transitions, polarized, hi-index, and feature Zeiss no-line bifocals, free-form progressives and antiglare and scratch-resistant technology.) We can address any occupational or recreational needs, such as specialized tints for hunters and sportsmen, and protective eyewear for those involved with sports.

EYECONiC eyecare uses the highest quality material and lens designs to maximize your vision. Dozens of new styles and materials come out each year. Our frame stylists stay on the cutting edge to help you choose what will meet your specific needs. No two people work the same way, so we cannot expect them to be able to use the same type of lens. Based on your reading and work style, we can match the right lens for you. We will inform you of all your options, and the advantages and negatives of all your choices.


Sunglasses are not only a fashion statement, but becoming a necessary tool for eye health. Excessive exposure to the sun's Ultra Violet (UV) rays have been shown to accelerate the development of cataracts, and some links to other eye conditions.

We carry a wide array of styles and lens types to meet your needs. This year make a statement while protecting the health of your eyes.

Sport and Specialty Eyewear

Our office carries all types of sports vision eyewear from sunglasses to sports goggles to specialty sport-specific contacts and glasses. We offer only the highest quality products with your vision health and needs in mind.

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  • Superior collection of sunglasses and sports vision eyewear
  • Our office continually evaluates all the styles of frames and glasses we hold in our office. We strive to always keep up with the latest styles and newest lens technology.
  • Frame Designers
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